industry certification

The course is a rigorous program to prepare students to excel in corporate & business world in India and abroad. The course requires strenuous and comprehensive inputs imparted to the admitted students supported by ingenious efforts of the students and rigorous mentoring by the distinguished faculty of Unitedworld School of Business. This 2-years program is chiefly divided into four semesters of academic delivery and 2 months of industry internship, with added modules on Soft skills, Leadership, Public Speaking, Business Communication, Networking skills, Negotiation skills, MS Office skills, Team Building and other personality re-engineering programs, internship preparation, GDPI preparation, industry exploration & engagement, newspaper reading and contemporary issues discussions.


This industry oriented course has been developed by renowned Industry leaders, experts and academia of International repute.
Live application-based learning with Industry Internships.
Duration is of Two years (4 semesters).

This unique industry oriented course structure emphasizes development of skills so as to conceptualize actual problems in business situations & apply academic theories to find solutions.


  • Total 36 full-credit modules ( One Module, 30 contact hrs, 3 credits)
  • SIP & Dissertation (double credit programs of 6 credits each)
  • Unique PGDM of total 120 credits program.

– Faculty guided dissertation on specific Topics as per specialization.
– Presentation by the students in front of reputed Jury.
– Assessment of students’ abilities and identification of areas of improvements.


  • Foundation programme lasts two terms of approximately six months each.
  • The core fundamentals of Management theories & Principles are explained
  • Effective communications, critical analysis, decision making thought process
  • Use of quantitative & qualitative approaches and unique techniques.
  • Students are exposed to different functional areas & business environment.

History of Business
Management Foundation
Fundamentals of Marketing 1
Management Accounting
Organizational Behavior
Written Analysis & Communication
Business Law & Legal Environment
Micro-economic Theory
Business Mathematics & Statistics
Business Communication 1
Information System for Managers
Contemporary Issues & Skills in Management
Management Accounting 2
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Macro-economic Theory
Quantitative Techniques for Management

Industry linked Activities

  • Seminars on Contemporary Business Topics• CEO Lecture Series• Personal Growth and Career Coaching Workshops• Business Environment Analysis• Industry Visits to corporate houses• Participation in Competitive events



  • Specialization options in two core areas
  • Advanced exposure in General Management.

Major and Minor specializations can be opted by students from the following areas:


In this world of fierce competition where products have to compete with each other not just nationally but internationally, it becomes immensely important to embark a position in market and stay affirm. The Marketing specialization cover Sales, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Branding Consumer Relationship Management, Market Research, Consumer Behavior and Small Business Operations.

Students get an absolute knowledge about complete marketing cycle and customers’ needs. They develop a breadth of knowledge about the dynamic consumer orientation process by which employees & organizations strive to foresee and satisfy customers’ needs. At Unitedworld you would get expert guidance from faculty who would help you to enhance & fortify your marketing strategies and become a marketing expert.


Sales & Distribution
Consumer Behaviour
Product & Pricing Strategies
Brand Management
Integrated Marketing Communication
Services Marketing
CRM & Business Intelligence

Human Resources

India is vast pool of ingenious talent. It is the job of a Human Resource specialist to spot this talent and provide an organization with a result oriented work force. The HR wing is an extremely crucial part of any organization since the functional and qualitative ability depends on them. Workplace demography, population matrix, quality and competence of workforce are changing. This has been largely influenced by the rapid growth of service Sector-Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization. A systematic understanding of HR would help managers in the preparation, adoption & evaluation of personnel programs & policies, enabling the selection of workforce in a scientific manner. At Unitedworld we help our students to focus on their abilities and have an eye for expertise & intellect.


Industrial Relations & Labour Legislations
Performance Management
Strategic HR Management
Organizational Development
Training & Management Development
Compensation & Benefits Management
International HR Management

Financial services

We provide our students with innovative, comprehensive & rigorous program to prepare future finance experts. This specialization not only provides our students with the knowledge of operational aspects of finance but also builds on managerial and technical skills. There is emphasis on contemporary practices like Micro Finance and global prospective that will give practical aspects of finance.

The result from this particular specialization can be involved in various professions like Banking, Non-Banking Finance Companies, Distribution Houses, Brokerage Firms, Insurance Brokers, Life and General Insurance, Health Insurance & Pension Funds, KPO, Actuarial Departments, Mutual Funds, Financial Planning, Asset Management Companies including Wealth and Investment Advisory Services.


Management of Financial Institutions
Financial Products
Strategic Financial Management
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
Risk Management
Corporate Banking & Project Analysis

International Business

This specialization stresses on the modern-day issues including international commercial laws and business environment. Students learn export-import policies, documentation, international finance, in addition to the functioning of various financial institutes and banking. Knowledge of India’s Foreign Trade along with International Marketing prepares the students to strike the right note when they enter the demanding world of corporate management. The liberalization of Indian economy has integrated the rest of the world, leading to rise in opportunities for international business and also the challenges to compete at the global level. This specialization will enable students to grasp the complexity of international business and the operation of international decree and codes, international trade and opportunities of cross border acquisitions and mergers.


Foreign Trade and Policy
International Marketing
Trade Processes
International Finance and Banking
Trade Documentation
International Business Law
Commodity & Energy Trading + International HRM


The programme is designed in such a way that it incorporates understanding gained from subjects and starts to apply insights to real business situations, learning maneuver and skills that helps one to adapt any new-fangled situation. Every family business owner faces the challenge to meet utmost standard of quality and resource management. Our program provides the skills to acknowledge one’s abilities and make a mark in the real market. The programme focuses on leadership, organizational and negotiation skills to manage a growing enterprise.


Entrepreneurial Development
Accounts & Finance
Business Communication
Developing Business Plan
Project Development
Family Business Management
Human Resource Management

The last few years have seen a boom in Indian retail trade, which is the consequence of perceptible increase in the disposable incomes of the Indian middle class. The size of the retail industry in India is around Rs. 9,30,000 crore, out of which the organized retail industry comprises about Rs. 35,000 crore, contributing to about 4% of the total. According to reports, growth of the retail sector is expected at around 7% for India in the following 10 years. The retail environment requires professionals with new skills, efficiency and capabilities to learn, to compete and to think out of the box. A specialization module in retail gives students a comprehensive exposure to the retail business world.

Fundamentals in Retailing
Branding and CRM in Retailing
Retail Operations

Operation Management


Retail Management


PGPM + PGDM (Kolkata)

This is a two-year, full-time post-graduate Management Program consisting of 4 semesters and an internship of about 2-3 months. It helps the students to develop conceptual and analytical reasoning and also gives them an insight into the dynamics of the business environment.  This course also gives the students to get an exposure to the industry through guided internships.


  • Total 41 full credit modules ( One Module, 30 contact hrs, 3 credits)
  • SIP & Dissertation (double credit programs of 6 credits each)
  • PGPM of total 135 credits program.

Semester 1 consists of 8Theory Papers and 4 Skill Development Papers:
Analyses of Financial Statements
Behavioural Sciences
Evolution of Indian Business
Fundamentals of Marketing
Management Principles and Values
Micro-Economic Theory
People in Organisations
Quantitative Tools for Managerial Decisions – I
Corporate Behaviour and Communication Skills – I
Data Interpretation and Presentation
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
Student Development Activities – I

Semester 2 consists of 10.5 Theory Papers and 3.5 Skill Development Papers:
Advanced Marketing Management
Cost and Management Accounting
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Indian Economy in Global Context
Macro-Economic Theory
Management Information Systems
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Personal Empowerment, Taxation and Financial Planning
Quantitative Tools for Managerial Decisions – II
Research Methodology
Business Planning, Execution, and Sustainability
Corporate Behaviour and Communication Skills – II
Student Development Activities – II

Summer/ Winter Internship Project

Semester 3
Semester 3 consists of 8 Theory Papers and 2 Skill Development Papers:
Business Strategy and Sustainability
Legal Environment of Business
4 Major Specialisation Papers
2 Minor Specialisation Papers
Corporate Behaviour and Communication Skills – III
Student Development Activities – III

Semester 4
Semester 4 consists of 3 Theory Papers and 2 Skill Development Papers and Dissertation.
2 Major Specialisation Papers
1 Minor Specialisation Papers
Corporate Behaviour and Communication Skills – IV
Student Development Activities – IV

In the 2nd Year the students choose their major and minor specializations from the following functional areas currently offered:
Major Specialisations:
Human Resource
Minor Specialisations:

Marketing Major

Understanding Customers
Product & Pricing Management
Sales and Distribution Management
Service Marketing
Brand Management
Integrated Marketing Communications & Digital Marketing

HR Major

Performance Management
Training & Management Development
Contemporary Issues in HRM
Industrial relation and Compensation Management
Strategic HRM
Organisational Development

Finance Major

Management of Financial Institutions
Financial Products
Risk Management
Strategic Financial management
Corporate Banking, Insurance & Project Analysis
Investment Analysis & International Finance

Marketing Minor

Understanding Customers
Product Management and IMC
Sales Management & Services Marketing

Finance Minor

Management of Financial Institutions
Financial Products
Investment Analysis & International Finance

Retail Minor

Fundamentals of Retailing
Visual Merchandising in Retail
Retail Operations