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History and geography no longer limits the ambition and world-view of Young India. To paraphrase William Shakespeare,
the world is their oyster and they have the right and the freedom to prise it open to win the pearl inside.


The BA (Liberal Arts) Honours programme is designed for such talented and ambitious young people. It provides them with practical and intellectual tools, skills and abilities to probe and respond to the challenges of the new world in an holistic manner. Based on the principles of critical and analytical thinking, the programme draws from a wide variety of disciplines across the huge palette of human knowledge and experience, in order to give the students the widest possible
opportunity to become a well-rounded global citizen of the 21st century.


The programme awards a BA (Liberal Arts) Honours degree on the completion of 3years (6 semesters).
In Semesters V and VI, the student will choose to major in one of offered areas of specialisation.


For students who wish to enhance their career opportunities, they can opt for the Advanced Diploma programme of one year (2 Semesters) on completion of their BA (Liberal Arts) Honours programme.


The design and structure of the programme opens up a multitude of opportunities to a student who may wish to pursue
careers in various fields in India or abroad, or to continue further studies in Masters and then Doctoral programmes in
India or abroad. The programme structure and pedagogy is specially designed so that the student can smoothly integrate
himself or herself into programmes in other universities in various countries.


Highlights of the Programme

  • Early exposure to multi disciplinary approach
  • Course structure specially designed to meet international standards
  • Classroom sessions enhanced through masterclasses and interaction with experts
  • Specialised faculties imparting knowledge of practical & intellectual tools to meet the world
  • Opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities outside classroom
  • Short immersion programmes in India and abroad
  • Certification workshops by reputed institutions
  • Site visits