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Visual Communication(PG)


Visual Communication is seen as a major tool to educate people and promote sales of various products in the competing industrial scenario today. Graphics play a key role to catch consumer attention and enhance the visual appeal to make the product reach consumer. This post graduate programme is designed for those who have mastered their basic skills in fine arts, painting as well as other relative art and creative fields. The programme emphasizes on understanding the message to be given and the basic psychology of consumer.


  • Design drawing with emphasis on body graphics illustration
  • Understanding different fonts and forms of relative scripts
  • History of Visual Communication after Industrialization
  • Music, film and script as power of communication
  • Script Building
  • Visual Scripting and Treatment
  • Audio – Visual Interface
  • Composing of Communication means
  • Elements of communication such as: kinematics, typography, corporate design, narrative & non-narrative aspects of visual communication
  • Information technology and print media
  • 3D modeling through software
  • Advance photography and use of different software


The course offers 2 year rigorous study under the mentorship of experienced faculty, practicing in the workshop as well as industry experience which is followed by six months real life industry sponsored research design project.
The program will suit to most fine arts, graphic design as well as graduates from any field interested in animation.