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Product Design (PG)

The course focus delivers understanding of product, appliances and transportation to enhance the user friendly experience and efficient human living. It explores an inborn human need of user friendly products. Beginning with the concept of basic product development, industry need and emerging technologies are the most important tools today. With the growing population and urbanization, transporting people and commodities using a variety of means and eventually creating sustainable systems for Industrial Design is the need of hour. In such case the program is not restricted to only Product and Automobile Design but also to design systems and other means which enhance human comfort and commodities as well as support interactive human living which may vary from household appliances to office equipment along with products of daily use.


  • History of Industrial Design
  • Design Drawing
  • Digital Drawing with CAD and CAM
  • Form studies and human dynamics
  • Consumer psychology and Industry needs
  • Technical Studies such as Emerging Technologies, Composites, Aerodynamics, Fluid, etc
  • Dynamics, Automobile Engineering, Automotive Clay and GFRP modeling
  • Design of mechanized and non-mechanized product and transportation systems
  • Product packaging and industrial strategy
  • Special purpose products like hospital equipment
  • Products used for hotels and restaurants
  • Special purpose transportation means like elevators, ambulance, post delivery vanity and security van design


The course offers 2 year rigorous study under the mentorship of experienced faculty, practicing in the workshop as well as industry experience which is followed by six months real life industry sponsored research design project. The programme will suit to most of automobile engineers/mechanical engineers/ electrical engineers, architects and product design graduates.