Product Design

The Product Design course at UID trains students to create and craft relevant products based on consumer demands. Through this course, students gain knowledge necessary to create useful, innovative, attractive and artisanal products that fit the market requirement. Students are encouraged to use their imagination, creativity, critical thinking and technical knowledge to design quality products for the real world. The course includes design development, ideation, sketching, 3D rendering techniques, presentation and communication skills, ergonomics, aesthetics and technical documentation.

The course links creativity and innovation through the transformation of ideas into marketable products. Students will learn to develop a broad range of relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes that are necessary for them to become effective practitioners in the field of product design. The course will also enable them to acquire marketing capabilities to strategize, develop and promote prototypes and products, using existing and new materials. Students will work with practicing designers and professionals to design products that are useful to the market along with focusing on emerging needs that could improve the daily lives of people.