Wadhwani Foundation-National Entrepreneurship Network visited UID

To help foster entrepreneurial abilities in the aspiring design students, two esteemed dignitaries from the Wadhwani Foundation-National Entrepreneurship Network, Ms. Shruti Sinha and Entrepreneur Mr. Anay Mashrwala visited the UID campus on 4th January 2018. Their prime objective of the visit was to encourage creative thinking and help students get exposure to the skills that will prepare them for a better self-reliant future.
Apart from the NEN spokespersons, Mr. Jaideep Banerjee (Mentor – Unitedworld Institute of Design), Prof. Jayanti Panchal (Director I/C, UID), Col. Surojit Bose (Director Academics Administration & International Collaboration, UID) and other faculties of UID were also gracing the event. All the speakers discussed how the students can and should develop business acumen and entrepreneurship skills so that they can be self-reliant. Mr. Jaideep Banerjee especially touched upon the topics of re-skilling, understanding and accepting new technologies and to be creative with sustainable advantages. They also emphasized on the fact that as aspiring designers, the students’ sole responsibility should be building a network of sustainable entrepreneurship and contributing to the design community as well as the nation’s economy through groundbreaking innovations.

It was also announced that UID is mainstreaming the NEN – Entrepreneurship modules with credits within its design pedagogy for 4th and 6th-semester design students.

The event certainly gave the students a much better perspective altogether in terms of creative thinking, problem-solving, decision making, and getting some interesting entrepreneurial insights.

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