UID Induction Program 2018

“On the other side of your roadblock, lies your freeway.”….freeway to SUCCESS!

Truly our best moments are those when we feel profoundly awkward, despondent, or unfulfilled, and still, come out as a complete winner by facing our fears and giving our best efforts.

UID Induction Program is one such platform which helps the new entrants to come out of their ruts and start the new chapter of their lives with ease.

UID Induction Program 2018 that rolled out today for the B.Design Program (Fashion, Visual Communication, Lifestyle & Accessory, and Animation & Motion Graphics Depts.) was all about making the aspiring design students aware of the fact that failure should not deter someone from progressing in life.

Being focused and committed towards one’s life goals can yield great results which in turn help that individual to achieve great success in professional and personal life as well.

All the dignitaries present during the event agreed upon the fact that with initiatives like Make in India, Startup India etc. India will be in dire need of more than sixty thousand skilled and talented designers by 2022. They emphasized that every student of this new Batch 2018-22 should prepare themselves for this excellent opportunity with the help of the esteemed faculty members of UID.

Check out some of the glimpses from the UID Induction Program 2018!

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.”

The Induction Program hosted by UID for the new entrants is where dreams are being nurtured, budding designers are encouraged to reach at the zenith of success by flying on their wings of imagination, and limitless possibilities are created through sharing of ideas.

Students had a gala time on the second day of the UID Induction Program 2018. A unique dance workshop with Sandy Biola, a DID semi-finalist, encouraged the students to settle in and groove on some nice music.
During the second workshop i.e. Yarn Craft Workshop, our alumni Charvi Dixit (Typcraft Initiative), Tanmoy Rajkhova ( App. Design for Senior Citizens) , Palash Chauhan ( Branding for Resort) and Maitreyi Ghosh ( Orientation App. Design for New Students) shared insights about their journey at UID and also presented their final year work with the new ones.

A big shout out to the new entrants of the B.Design Batch 2018-22 who have been showing great potential to become the next big names in the design industry. Come on guys, let’s go on a design adventure and find the treasure of creative thinking and innovative design knowledge, together!!

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm”

….enthusiasm that encourages us to go beyond our capability, that motivates us to design our lives the way we want it, and propels us towards a successful career – be as an entrepreneur or a working professional.
This is why, during the UID Induction Program, we make sure our new entrants never lack enthusiasm, as it works as a necessary catalyst for becoming a successful professional and a highly sought after designer.

On the third day of the UID Induction Program 2018, students (Interior, Product, and Aumobile Design Depts.) were introduced to the esteemed Directors and the faculty members from UID and the dignitaries from Karnavati University.
The dignitaries spoke on a range of topics, ranging from the importance of design to recent paradigm shift in job creation to future opportunities etc. All the speakers encouraged the students with their powerful and motivating words and citations.
Later, a fashion show was organized for the newly joined students to let them experience how the design world works behind the scenes.

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