Syntax error-Exhibition on User Experience Design

“You have to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology”
This wonderful quote by Apple supremo Steve Jobs beautifully captured the core essence of modern-day user experience design. In order to create a better user experience, great product designers are turning their avant-garde ideas into reality, changing the way users interact with specific products, be it consumer staples or more complex ICT (Information and Communication Technology) based devices.
At UID, we are preparing the aspiring product designers for the emerging future, encouraging them to come up with smart products that are modular, scalable, and customizable, encompassing cut-throat technologies like IoT and AI. One such effort came to fruition with the exhibition “Syntax error”, held at the Product Design Dept. (UG-4) on 27th and 30 April 2018.
Some of the products that were on display:
1. Motion Rig for Gaming
2. A water level detection system for plants
3. 3D Holographic product display
4. Live Digital illustrations through motion sensing etc.
The prime goal of the exhibition was to showcase products designed by bringing tangible interface into reality, (putting aside the gobbledygook) which simply means creating unmatchable User Experience through the better understanding of modern day technology.
This 5-week long workshop and the two-day exhibition under Prof. Abhinav Mishra will not only help the students to contemplate and understand the changing world of User Experience design more easily but also encourage them to take a more technology-oriented approach to solve design problems.
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