One-day Field Trip to Boutique Hotels and Gujarat Handicrafts

Successful Interior designers amalgamate contrasting styles, colours, shapes and concepts to create visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing interior design compositions.
Nestled in the heart of the old Ahmedabad city, the House of MG/Agashiye (famous boutique hotel restaurant) and Mangaldas ni Haveli (boutique hotel with a café) are such curious instances of a beautiful juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional interior design styles.
The sheer grandeur of these boutique hotels, the congruous blend of the heritage elements with modern design cues, the unique Indian themed interiors, all help create an experience that can be cherished for life. Our budding Interior Designers, on their one day voyage to these hotels, learned a lot about the contrasting design styles used inside these structural marvels and the interior experience they create with beautiful furniture and fabric.
The one-day study tour came to an end only after the budding designers visited Gujarat Handicrafts (Danilimbda) to scrutinize how skilful artisans modify and transform salvaged furniture into a contemporary and usable product.
This one of a kind study trip felt like an adventurous quest wherein the young designers found exciting new design cues. This kind of exposure and practical experiences will not only broaden up the horizons of the students’ imagination but also help them grow as design professionals.
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