Kutch Craft Study Workshop

India is one of the most ethnically diverse nations, rich in cultural and artistic heritage. Villages in every part of the country practice handicrafts that hold ancient expertise and uniqueness.
A few weeks back, the students of Sem-6, LSA, went to visit Bhuj, Kutch to explore and learn few of such crafts under the guidance of some really great artisans.Those artisans are now invited to the UID campus so that the students can closely experience the witty craftsmanship that these artisans are famous for and learn the nuances of indigenous crafts that originated in Kutch.
These students worked on beautiful crafts like bead and mirror work, wood lacquer turning, silver jewelry smithing, mud and clay work, knife making and bell making. Each craft follows significant techniques and processes that the students got to learn from these authentic craftsmen.
When experience meets enthusiasm, a new horizon of opportunities opens up.
Our young design geniuses are looking forward to exploring new possibilities for these crafts to create something new and unique.
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