“Expose”-A spectacular Serigraphy exhibition by School Of Visual Communication

“Expose”-A spectacular Serigraphy exhibition, organized by the students of Visual Communication Dept. (UG-IV and PG-II) and curated by the faculty members Manish Solanki and Hardik Pancholi, prominently showcased students’ creative brilliance in modern-day screen printing techniques through breathtaking visuals and handsome illustrations on 5th and 6th April 2018.
The two-day exhibition wonderfully summed up the ideology that (according to one of the faculty members) is of supreme importance in serigraphy- “One needs to work on the small yet crucial details that will help make huge differences in a finished printing work”.

This was a unique opportunity for the students to learn the nitty-gritty of serigraphy in a professional studio setting under the guidance of experienced artisans and internal faculty members who kept inspiring these budding creative geniuses to explore new design ideas throughout the module.
Through this unique combination of workshop and exhibition, students not only realized the context and importance of screen printing in textile design but also got oriented towards a better understanding of the technical nuances of serigraphy. The workshop readied the students to confidently experiment and print their own conceived designs, either on paper or textiles.

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