Exhibition on Automation/Smart & Intelligent System Design

With every Industrial Revolution, Design Industry has evolved and strode towards a future of endless possibilities. Possibilities that will bring about abrupt changes in the paradigm of design job creation.
To prepare the students for this upcoming paradigm shift in the design industry and to showcase UID’s competency in product design, Asst. Cons. Banibrata Sarkhel (UID) and Asst. Prof. Priyam Anil Kumar Parikh (UID) have put together a first of its kind technology exhibition on “Automation/Smart & Intelligent System Design” from 7th to 24th of April 2018.
The exhibition saw a huge number of excited crowds gathered to experience the sheer brilliance and creativity that has been imbibed into the displayed products- 1.A Motorized Gripper 2. A Hydraulic Excavator 3. An Ultra-modern Sensor based Intelligent Car 4. An IOT based Smart Home etc.
Visitors expressed their elation while requested to share their experiences -“This exhibition helped us realize what we can achieve with the proportionate use of design and technology”, said a design enthusiast. “This is the epitome of modern day design”, said another proud father whose child had recently started her design journey at UID.
With this exhibition, UID is ushering into a new era of design education where students will be taught and encouraged to take a more technology-oriented approach to solve design problems. This approach will not only help the students to become more industry ready but also improve the quality of design education in India.
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