Furniture & Interior Design (PG)

Rapid urbanization and commercial infrastructure growth demands call for well-designed furniture and interior spaces. Interior design today is beyond decoration or styling of the spaces.

Furniture & Interior design deals with human comfort and living space which relate to the skill base functional performance and efficiency.


  • Design drawing, Space & form
  • Materials and technology including mechanism, strength & structure of material
  • Emerging technology, composite as well as production planning
  • Technical aspects of furniture making
  • History of furniture and industrial design
  • Elements of furniture & interior design
  • Furniture & interior design methodology
  • Interior space
  • Sustainable design system
  • Modular technology and design system
  • Lighting system & exhibition design
  • Design culture and psychology
  • Design production and industrial experience


The course offers 2 year rigorous study under the mentor-ship of experienced faculty, practicing in the workshop as well as industry experience which is followed by six month real life industry sponsored research design project.

The program will best suit any design graduate, fine art, architecture as well as engineering graduate.