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Apparel & Textile Design (PG)

Textiles and clothing is as old as human civilization. Men started covering their body for functional use and over years it emerged as an urge for enhancing individual identity. Enhancement of personality has been the key reason for constant development and evolution of textile as fashion and need. Today textile has widened its definition from clothing to furnishing, linen, garment and industrial clothing. The industrial revolution after the world war has been the key factor in the mass production in textiles. The invention of needle and stitching machines became another boom in clothing industry which is identified today as fashion industry. Apparel design is beyond fashion which deals not merely with ramp walk garment but consciously deals with functional clothing right from space suit to pilot and army to postmen uniform. Corporate dress codes have added into high-end apparel demand.


  • History of Apparel & Textile
  • History of industrialization
  • Woven and non-woven fabric and techniques
  • Printing and dyeing techniques & surface development
  • Textile science and technology – fiber to fabric
  • Fashion illustration & design – A mean to express visual concept
  • Fabric draping & silhouettes manipulation
  • Garment construction & manufacturing
  • Pattern making & grading


The course offers 2 year rigorous study under the mentorship of experienced faculty, practicing in the workshop as well as industry experience which is followed by six month real life industry sponsored research design project. The program will suit the most from fine arts, textile technologists, diploma graduates of recognized design institutes & graduates from relative competent creative field.