Karnavati University

Life at KU

Whether you are a residential student or not, life at KU is fun and worth-living-at. Life at KU is filled with adventure and a whole lot of learning. The campus is always on a spree of activities that keeps everyone on their toes always. Everyone is active, students and staff alike. Studies are important as much as extra-curricular activities are for us, at Karnavati University. Due to this motto of ours, an individual grows leaps and bounds and his/her all-round development is taken care of. There is regular hustle and bustle at the college campus, where students are seen attending, managing or co-ordinating festive activities, sport competitions, personality enhancement activities and so on. The lively atmosphere will even make you want to try your hand at different activities and know what all you excel in. We believe that personal growth takes place only when one participates in such learning-oriented as well as fun-filled activities. We are sure this sounds interesting and entertaining to you. Well, then join us and experience it for yourself!