Karnavati University


One of the most troublesome areas for students studying away from home is their ‘accommodation’. It is one of the constant worries that keep on disturbing parents as well as students who plan to live in the accommodation provided by their university. The major worry that parents have about their children is about them not getting food on time as well as about the food not being nutritious enough. Food and stay is one of the nicest facilities that the Karnavati University has to offer for its on-campus students. The residence area for students away from home, isn’t less than a home, and moreover is an extremely luxurious place. All rooms are well-furnished, with access to the wireless internet and a peaceful environment. All the amenities are within their reach and students have the freedom of studying and relaxing based on their convenience. Room service keeps the room neat and clean regularly and the facility of study rooms, hostel dining, on-campus canteen and green gardens attract the residential students, leaving KU only with praises.