Karnavati University

About KU

Brief on Karnavati University

Karnavati University is a State Private University, which is in the forefront of education since 2008. The University status was granted by the State of Gujarat in March 2017. KU we search for, strive and celebrate excellence and remarkable experiences that bring about a transformation in communities and in people altogether. The contributions that our faculty and students give endeavor to change the future trends.

We have deep roots in the industries that we teach about, constantly updated and trying to stay ahead of time. We push for pioneering thoughts, trends and innovation. This has made us a research-intensive university which has an eye for detail and comprehensive understanding.


  • To become a recognized name in the global education sector
  • To be known for our values and academic excellence
  • To set a bench mark through the success of our students


  • To empower the youth with knowledge and make them technically competent and professionally sound to prepare them for all walks of life